Computational Health

When Data Science Meets Medicine

As a child, Bin Yu never dreamed she’d go to college. She grew up in China during the Cultural Revolution, when nearly all of the country’s institutions of higher learning were closed. But in third grade, a cousin gave Yu a math book. She fell in love with the structured way of thinking and the concrete answers found in the textbook.

Can Artificial Intelligence Defeat the Country’s Leading Causes of Death?

ChatGPT. Alexa and Siri. Self-driving vehicles. It may seem that artificial intelligence (AI) is everywhere – and that’s because it is. 
But this is nothing new for Yoshimi Fukuoka, PhD, RN, FAAN, professor at the UCSF School of Nursing and UC Noyce Initiative researcher, whose research explores the power of AI to combat today’s urgent health issues. Fukuoka is leading two AI-based projects and developing health interventions that hold significant promise for the future of AI and health care.