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Who We Are

The UC Noyce Initiative

The UC Noyce Initiative is a first-of-its-kind collaborative that harnesses the strengths and synergies the research of five University of California campuses:

  1. UC Berkeley
  2. UC Davis
  3. UC Irvine
  4. UC San Francisco
  5. UC Santa Barbara

With the UC research mission as our cornerstone, the UC Noyce Initiative creates new opportunities for researchers to work across campuses and disciplines to advance innovation in:

  • data science,
  • technology and innovation,
  • cybersecurity,
  • artificial intelligence (AI),
  • society and law,
  • health and life sciences,
  • and quantum computing. 

Our Mission

The UC Noyce Initiative seeks to accelerate scientific discovery and technology in digital innovation by creating community and providing funds through a competitive process to researchers and research teams who are pursuing innovative projects in these key aforementioned research areas.

What makes the UC Noyce Initiative Unique

This multi-disciplinary effort harnesses the expertise of five UC campuses to support collaboration research that is focused on solving problems in the digital innovation space. We seek to accomplish this by providing competitive grants and building community through annual symposiums and other events.

Why the UC Noyce Initiative is Needed

Rapid technological advances are accelerating digital transformation and innovation across all sectors of the economy and throughout society. 

Increasing developments in computing power, the rise of new digital tech and artificial intelligence (AI), cloud and quantum computing, and new data science tools – all these things  are all bringing about a new paradigm that has a broad societal impact. 

These technological advances pose significant challenges and opportunities for virtually every field, including business, innovation and entrepreneurship, healthcare, the environment, privacy and security, among others. 

For this reason, now is the optimal time to create a multi-campus cooperative such as the UC Noyce Initiative that is rooted in innovation, discovery, collaboration and a commitment to applying novel technologies toward solving some of society's most complex and pressing challenges.