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Our Purpose

The increasingly interconnected world and rapid advancements in digital technology has created new opportunities for addressing societal challenges and opportunities in digital innovation. 

Ensuring cybersecurity and promoting the responsible and legal use of artificial intelligence (AI) will be critical to creating safety in cyberspace while building sustainable and beneficial platforms for digital transformation across business and societal sectors.

The Opportunity

This broad focus area aims to address social and business challenges in digital technology through advancing research and innovation in cybersecurity, fairness and inclusiveness, AI, policy and law.  The Initiative will work to foster innovation in these areas and to inform smart, ethical and digital policy decision-making. We also seek to address problems such as the spread of misinformation and polarization in social media, and keeping networked information systems secure from cyberattacks.

Initiative researchers are applying their computational expertise to a wide range of timely issues facing our ever increasing technology dependent society.

UC Noyce Initiative Research Collaborations in Action