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Computational Health

Our Purpose

Computing and data have transformed how we address questions in medicine and health science. We can now pursue topics that were previously considered to be insurmountably complex.

There is a rapidly increasing need for professionals, researchers and policy-makers who possess the highly specialized skills required to realize the potential of this field; as well as a need to discover advanced computational approaches with the potential to transform healthcare.

We are committed to supporting innovative researchers and thinkers in computational health, as well as push discovery at the intersection of digital transformation, medicine and health sciences.

The Opportunity

We have the potential to foster new developments in data analytics and AI to advance  health and create lasting impact. We want to revolutionize cancer treatments, deploy brain imaging for more effective therapies, reduce the impact of infectious disease pandemics, develop algorithms to fight health disparities and much more.

We have the unique opportunity to apply data analytics and computational methodologies  to important health research questions in whole new ways. This will allow us to revolutionize diagnostic tools, treatments and disease tracking all with the goal of improving human health. 

UC Noyce Initiative Research Collaborations in Action