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Ziad Obermeyer Named in 2023 TIME100 AI List

UC Noyce Initiative researcher named one of top 100 leaders in Artificial Intelligence

Among the many accomplishments UC Noyce Initiative researchers realized in 2023, UC Noyce Initiative research Ziad Obermeyer was name among one of the top 100 leaders in artificial intelligence by TIME.

“I’m so honored to be on this list—and honestly a bit surprised too,” said Obermeyer, in a UC Berkeley interview. “I think of myself as a doctor who works on problems in medicine, more than an AI person. 

“But I think that’s the exciting part about AI: It’s very applied. And by working to solve real health problems, we can learn a lot about how AI works in general; what it’s great at, where it goes wrong, and how to do better. Looking at this list, there are so many people building for a future where AI helps everyone, and that’s really exciting.”

Obermeyer is an associate professor at UC Berkeley School of Public Health and Blue Cross of California Distinguished Associate Professor of Health Policy and Management. 

UC Noyce Initiative Connection

Obermeyer is part of the original cohort of UC Noyce Initiative researchers having received funding for his work in computational health in 2022. His UC Noyce Initiative project “Algorithms to Prevent Heart Attacks” utilizes algorithms informed by electrocardiograms to identify patients at high risk for heart attack before one occurs by targeting them for preventative interventions. 

It is work that was lauded in the TIME100 AI article, for its potential to help doctors make better decisions, propel new discoveries and help improve the health of underserved populations.

“The biggest and most exciting things that are going to happen in this field are nowhere even close to happening yet,” he said in the TIME100 AI article. “We don’t have the imagination to think about what this is going to do in 20 years, 100 years, and how it’s going to totally transform health care.”

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