Photos of Bin Yu, Dawn Song and David Wagner
UC Noyce Initiative researchers (left to right) Bin Yu, Dawn Song and David Wagner join NSF-backed AI Institute for Cybersecurity.

UC Noyce Initiative Researchers Join NSF-Backed AI Institute

Three UC Berkeley faculty members among team to join institute for cybersecurity

On May 4, 2023 the U.S. National Science Foundation announced it will be making a $140 million investment to establish seven new National Artificial Intelligence Research Institutes; one of institutes will include the involvement of three UC Noyce Initiative funded researchers.

Dawn Song, computer science professor and co-director of the UC Berkeley Center on Responsible Decentralized Intelligence, will act as co-principal investigator of The AI Institute for Agent-based Cyber Threat Intelligence and Operation (ACTION). She’ll be joined by other UC Noyce Initiative researchers from UC Berkeley, professors David Wagner and Bin Yu.

“With the exciting advancement of AI and machine learning technologies, it is a really exciting opportunity to leverage such advancement to address issues in cybersecurity and push forward the frontier in cybersecurity as well,” said Song in a UC Berkeley article. “The center provides a great platform to amplify the research that each of us does to build something greater.”

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