Sook Wah Yee

Position Title
Associate Professor
Professional Researcher
Portrait of Sook Wah Yee. She is an Asian woman, has short hair, glasses and is wearing a bright orange coat.

Sook Wah Yee, Ph.D. is a pharmacist-scientist with extensive experience in transporter biology, pharmacogenomics and transporter biomarkers. She has spent over 15 years conducting research with the goal of improving patient outcomes.

Her expertise includes studying membrane transporters, including orphan transporters, and conducting human genetic association studies for anti-diabetic and anti-gout medications. She is well-versed in bioinformatics, clinical implementation, next-generation sequencing, pharmacokinetics, pharmacodynamics, transporter assay and clinical pharmacy. With dry lab experience using various tools and resources, including R, PLINK, SNPTEST, PyMOL, GWAS Catalog, GTEx, Protein Atlas and UKBiobank, she has lead research and discovery programs at UCSF focused on deorphaning solute carrier (SLC) transporters and transporter biomarkers, as well as a genomewide association study on anti-diabetic drug response. 


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