Markelle Kelly

Position Title
Ph.D. Candidate, Computer Science (2022-23)
Portrait of Markella Kelly

Markelle Kelly is a a computer science Ph.D. candidate in the DataLab group at the University of California, Irvine, advised by Dr. Padhraic Smyth. Kelly is broadly interested in the development of user-centered tools for more interpretable and accountable machine learning; my research centers on understanding and improving human-machine interaction. She's a member of the Steckler Center for Responsible, Ethical, and Accessible Technology, the Irvine Initiative in AI, Law, and Society, and the HPI Research Center in Machine Learning and Data Science at UCI.

Kelly is currently a machine learning intern at Apple. She also has interned at Project Jupyter, where she was involved in the development and design of JupyterLab. Kelly received her bachelor’s degree in statistics from California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo in 2020 and her master’s degree in computer science from UCI in 2022.


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