Cathra Halabi

Position Title
Director, Neurorecovery Clinic, UCSF Health
Assistant Professor, Neurology, School of Medicine
Cathra Halabi

Dr. Cathra Halabi is neurologist who cares for patients hospitalized with neurovascular emergencies, such as ischemic stroke (caused by a blockage of blood flow to the brain) and subarachnoid hemorrhage (bleeding between the brain and its surrounding membrane). She founded and serves as director of the UCSF Neurorecovery Clinic, which provides care for patients recovering from acquired neurological injuries, including stroke, concussion and other types of traumatic brain injury. She also evaluates patients with advanced cardiovascular disease risk factors, vascular malformations (abnormal blood vessels), and genetic or autoimmune diseases that cause neurovascular conditions. She co-chairs the recovery and rehabilitation subgroup of the University of California Stroke Consortium.

In research, Halabi investigates neurological injuries with the goal of developing new treatments.

Halabi earned her medical degree and completed a residency in neurology at UCSF. She completed a fellowship in vascular neurology at UCSF, which included a patient care program and a National Institutes of Health StrokeNet research program. She received the Teaching Excellence Award for Cherished Housestaff (TEACH) from the UCSF School of Medicine class of 2018.

UC Noyce Initiative project

In collaboration with Bjoern Hartmann andS anjit A. Seshia from UC Berkeley and Yasser Shoukry from UC Irvine, Dr. Halabi will create a personalized home-based rehabilitation platform using the latest advancements in Mixed Reality technology to enable clinicians to precisely tailor patient assessments and interventions through their UC Noyce Initiative project,  “ScenicMR: Personalized, Privacy-Preserving, Mixed-Reality Platform for Home-Based Patient Rehabilitation.”


Noyce Focus Area