Bill Maurer

Position Title
Professor, Anthropology; Law; and Criminology, Law and Society
Dean, School of Social Sciences
white man with dark brown hair, full beard and mustache stands in a well-lit room. He is wearing a light blue, long sleeved shirt, a navy blue sweater vest, and dark rimmed glasses.

Professor Maurer is a cultural anthropologist and socio-legal scholar. His work explores the technological infrastructures and social relations of exchange and payment, from cowries to credit cards and cryptocurrencies. As an anthropologist, he is interested in the broad range of technologies people have used throughout history and across cultures to figure value and conduct transactions. He has particular expertise in alternative, experimental, and cooperative forms of money and finance, payment technologies, and their legal implications. He has published on topics ranging from offshore financial services to mobile phone-enabled money transfers, Islamic finance, alternative currencies, blockchain/distributed ledger systems, and the future of money.


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