News News for UC Noyce Initiative en Philanthropist and Advocate of Innovation, Education and Leadership, Ann S. Bowers, Dies <p>Ann Schmeltz Bowers, a technology industry executive pioneer and longtime philanthropist who inspired the founding of the <a href="">UC Noyce Initiative</a>, died on January 24, 2024, at her home in Palo Alto, California. She was 86.</p> January 26, 2024 Sarah C Colwell UC Noyce Initiative Advances Digital Innovation <p>Learning more about women's brains, protecting the grid from cyberattacks, exploring the capacity of quantum computing — these are transformational research projects being pursued because of a new, five-campus, University of California consortium called The UC Noyce Initiative. </p> December 12, 2023 Sarah C Colwell A New Vision for Data Security <p>In mid-2022, Instagram began asking an assortment of its users to complete a survey about their race, ethnicity and gender. By the end of the year, a huge number of people had filled out the survey, which was part of a new effort to ensure that the social media platform was fair and inclusive.</p> <p>Behind the scenes, Professor <a href="">Dawn Song</a>, PhD, an expert in computer security and privacy, was helping ensure that the sensitive data was staying safe while still enabling researchers to analyze it.</p> September 28, 2023 Sarah C Colwell Fundamental Physics to Build Computers of the Future <p>When he was 12 years old, Hartmut Haeffner got his first computer— a Commodore 64. On the C64, Haeffner learned to program, first for fun and then as a job, using the computer to track sporting events in his native Germany. He was fascinated with both what the computer could do, and the underlying technology that made it possible.</p> September 21, 2023 Sarah C Colwell When Data Science Meets Medicine <p>As a child, Bin Yu never dreamed she’d go to college. She grew up in China during the Cultural Revolution, when nearly all of the country’s institutions of higher learning were closed. But in third grade, a cousin gave Yu a math book. She fell in love with the structured way of thinking and the concrete answers found in the textbook.</p> September 14, 2023 Sarah C Colwell Novel brain implant helps paralyzed woman speak using a digital avatar <p>Emerging speech neuroprostheses may offer a way to communicate for people who are unable to speak due to paralysis or disease, but fast, high-performance decoding has not yet been demonstrated. Now, transformative new work by researchers at UCSF and UC Berkeley shows that more natural speech decoding is possible using the latest advances in artificial intelligence.</p> August 23, 2023 Sarah C Colwell Can Artificial Intelligence Defeat the Country’s Leading Causes of Death? <p>ChatGPT. Alexa and Siri. Self-driving vehicles. It may seem that artificial intelligence (AI) is everywhere – and that’s because it is. <br />  <br /> But this is nothing new for <a href="">Yoshimi Fukuoka, PhD, RN, FAAN</a>, professor at the UCSF School of Nursing and UC Noyce Initiative researcher, whose research explores the power of AI to combat today’s urgent health issues. Fukuoka is leading two AI-based projects and developing health interventions that hold significant promise for the future of AI and health care. </p> May 18, 2023 Sarah C Colwell When Quantum Systems Combine <p>Two teams of researchers led by Marina Radulaski, assistant professor of electrical and computer engineering, recently won University of California grants — including one from the UC Noyce Initiative — that promise to give scientists a better understanding of quantum information sciences—a rapidly-emerging technology that stands to transform the way society interacts with computers and technology.</p> January 25, 2023 Sarah C Colwell Good AI vs. Bad AI <p>Online life has become increasingly mediated by Artificial Intelligence (AI).</p> <p>Nearly 70% of all videos watched on YouTube are recommended by its AI algorithm, and that number is even higher on social media services like Instagram and TikTok. Though these AI algorithms can help users find content that’s interesting to them, they raise serious privacy concerns and there is growing evidence that people are being radicalized by some of the recommended content they consume online.</p> December 06, 2022 Sarah C Colwell Berkeley leads a ‘new era of innovation’ in quantum science, technology research November 29, 2022 Sarah C Colwell Graduate Student Spotlight: Markelle Kelly Highlights the Human Side of Computer Science <p>Recognizing the importance of cross-disciplinary work, computer science Ph.D. student <a href="">Markelle Kelly</a> is partnering with cognitive scientists on her research into human-machine collaboration.</p> October 15, 2022 Sarah C Colwell