How to Apply

The 2023 UC Noyce Initiative Award Cycle is Currently Closed. 

How to Apply

Researchers (faculty, postdoctoral scholars and graduate students) from one of the five, participating UC campuses (Berkeley, Davis, Irvine, San Francisco, Santa Barbara) can apply for a UC Noyce Initiative award use the UC Davis InfoReady Platform.

Application Guidelines 

Applications need to include the following components and utilize this application template.

  • Proposal title (It should be concise yet descriptive)
  • PIs contact information
  • CV
  • Three key words to describe research
  • A 500-word (max) abstract
  • A 200-word (max) impact statement
  • Research narrative (five pages max) that should include
    • Background/rationale
    • Specific aims, research methodology, and milestones
    • Innovation – highlight the innovation involved in the approach, technology, solution etc.
    • Impact – explain the potential impacts of this research on your field and society and, if applicable, the translational potential of the proposed research.
    • *Multi-campus partnership applications only: Please add up to one additional page to explain how the proposed collaboration will advance your research and impact. Please comment also on how the collaboration will work across the campus partners. Please ensure that the research narrative is no longer than 5 pages not including references using no smaller than 11-pt font, single-spaced with half-inch margins.
  • Budget and budget justification (use this budget template). Awards may be used to cover relevant research expenses: 
    • salary support,
    • graduate student/postdoctoral research support,
    • supplies and materials,
    • computing expenses,
    • equipment,
    • publication expenses
    • and travel costs. 


To inquire about the next call for proposals, please contact the respective campus administrative lead:

UC Berkeley, Tyler Martz,

UC Davis, Ana Lucia Cordova,

UC Irvine, Michael Gallo, 

UC San Francisco, Gretchen Kiser,

UC Santa BarbaraMaria Teresa Napoli,